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Blood Donation 2013

Donor Darah 2013

On June 12, 2013, a blood donor event was held in the Quality Control Room - Gedung Ebi 2 at the head office of PT. EKA Bogainti. This event is part of the CSR program held by the Department of Community Development every 6 months and supported by the Indonesian Red Cross team from Bandung. Around 84 employees participated to become blood donors. The program was also held at the HokBen Bandung branch located at HHB Setiabudi on June 14, 2013. Employee enthusiasm was evident from the number of blood donors reaching 91 out of 19 participating branches. HHB Surabaya also held this social activity on June 13, 2013 where 16 of the 40 employees were considered to be blood donors for the Surabaya Indonesian Red Cross.